Academic Program

Key Data

  • Arrival Munich:            August 2nd; 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Course Munich:           August 3rd - August 17th
  • Excursion Dresden:       August 10th - 12th 
  • Excursion Castle Neuschwanstein: August 15th
  • Multiple-Choice Exam:  August 17th
  • Departure Munich:        August 28th (latest)


  • Introduction to the Historiography of Western Art
  • Hellenistic and Roman Sculpture 
  • Christian Art of the Middle Ages
  • Renaissance Art of the Low Countries
  • European Baroque: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture 
  • Architecture of Classicism 
  • Art of the Academy: Ingres to Abstract Expressionism
  • Postmodernism to Posthistoire

To prepare for the program, please download the following document: 2018 Preliminary Schedule

Arrival and program information: Student Guide